Saving time, reducing costs, and making a genuine contribution to helping the environment. This is the mission of Novamont, who have developed a line of products especially for the world of agriculture, starting with Mater-Agro, the entirely biodegradable film for mulching.

Mater-Agro is a new film for mulching that is 100% biodegradable; it is made of Mater-Bi, the revolutionary bioplastic produced by Novamont, a world leader in the research and manufacture of new plastic materials from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin, and from non-genetically modified starch.
Films for agricultural mulching have become established over the years because they provide a series of advantages of an agronomic and environmental nature, namely: they eliminate or reduce substantially the use of herbicides; they reduce the frequency of use and quantity of water for irrigation, with considerable savings in terms of cost; they speed up the cultivation cycle of the crop species, thanks to a greater heating of the ground. However, traditional films for mulching also present significant problems caused by their removal and disposal after use.
These activities generate additional costs, and can have significant environmental consequences. The procedures most commonly followed for handling mulching films at the end of their use in the field are: manual or mechanical removal, followed by the recovery of material or of energy; uncontrolled burning of the film residues in the field (a practice that is expressly forbidden by Italian and Community law); and finally, the working of the land without removing the film.